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Default Re: NYJ set Sanchez up for failure

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
From the link:The bolded part would be a mistake. Last night Sanchez was at least not abysmal up until the point they gave Tebow a series. I'm not saying Sanchez's pathetic performance was all about losing his rhythm with Tebow coming in but every QB ESPN had talk about it said it's horrible for them to have that happen. If they have now seriously decided to see if McElroy is their future they shouldn't dick around with Tebow and eff with McElroy's rhythm, they should just give McElroy the whole game uninterrupted and see what happens. They clearly don't have any plans for Tebow going forwards so why waste everyone's time with more predictable dive plays that haven't worked one bit.

I think they blow that out of proportion. Tebow comes in for one play to do a running play, is that any different from Sanchez handing the ball off to a RB?

If that is affecting Sanchez's play than he's fragile as shit.
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