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Default Re: NYJ set Sanchez up for failure

Originally Posted by niko
I'm a Giant fan and i don't make fun of the Pats place in this league. A Jet fan doing it is absurd.

Exactly man. I feel like Giant's fans at least have respect for the Patriots. I don't hate the Patriots at all. I actually like them more than most teams in the AFC that I can think of at the moment.

With the Jets its the same old say what ever you can about the division rival thing. But heres why its different.

The Patriots never claimed play-offs, never claimed superbowls. They went out there and were successful.

The Jets on the otherhand did make claims and after they failed, their fans have the nerve to attack the Patriots? Makes no sense.

If you are a Jet fan and you hate the Patriots just keep quiet until next season.
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