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Default Re: Mclemore/smart/carter-Williams

1. McLemore
2. MCW
3. Smart

I like McLemore in Charlotte. They could probably use a big man more, but this is not the draft to do so in the lottery. He can shoot and he can score. Any team can use that, especially Charlotte. These days in the NBA its about putting 3 very good players together, and I think their best shot is by putting Kemba/McLemore/MKG together. This will open up Ben Gordon as a trade piece if the re-up Henderson, I'm sure a lot of teams will like to get that 12 million expirer. And they have a Detroit lottery pick soon, no? Maybe that BG expirer next year and a lottery pick or two for Kevin Love.

MCW, I don't know. Seems to be like a 6-6 Chris Paul in college, but in the NBA I expect him to be like a score less, pass more version of Shaun Livingston. I don't think he is coming out this year but if he did he would probably be in the area of where the Lakers pick. Learning from Nash would be a plus for him.

Smart. I don't think he should come out either. But right now he is probably considered a top 5 guard prospect for this draft. You have McLemore, Muhammad, Goodwin, and McCollum as your top 4 but other than that you can't really argue anyone over Smart. As of right now, that is. Don't see him being that alpha-male more of what James Harden did for OKC. If he comes out I think he goes to a team that was expecting to be in the playoffs but wound up near the end of the lottery. But I think he should come out as a So. or Jr. so teams may be better off going after a raw player with a higher ceiling, instead of a guy like Smart.
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