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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by Rameek
Do you know why he swats the ball out? Because this team doesnt rebound outside of him and Melo. When Jkidd is in there he cleans the glass. Its not Tyson's fault no one else grabs rebounds. To expect him to be an energetic rebounder is ludicrous he isnt so dont expect him to be. The dude isnt a hustle rebounder.

There are moments that I think he could do better but before you call him out call out the other characters on the team that let people fly by them regularly!

He isnt a shot blocker never really was a great shot blocker.
Yep, ironically when he gets alot of rebounds, the team loses.

But regardless, everyone praises Tyson for giving his team another possession.

This is the only place I've actually heard complaints about his tip-outs.

Dude is averaging 11 per game currently, that's solid for a center that only plays 30 minutes.

His per 36 numbers, 15 per game, and thats with the tip outs that dont count as boards.
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