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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Originally Posted by knickscity
Yep, ironically when he gets alot of rebounds, the team loses.

But regardless, everyone praises Tyson for giving his team another possession.

This is the only place I've actually heard complaints about his tip-outs.

Dude is averaging 11 per game currently, that's solid for a center that only plays 30 minutes.

His per 36 numbers, 15 per game, and thats with the tip outs that dont count as boards.
Exactly those tip outs are the best because if you look no one else is in position to grab rebounds most times its 1 on 3 in the paint lol Honestly I am surprised he gets as many as he does. Look what he did against Varajaeo and Howard... Those guys were getting 20 rebounds most nights lol
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