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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

I disagree wholeheartedly with the whole tip out thing. It's like with JJ Watt in football. He bats the ball down if he can't get to the QB...but he still gets to the QB a lot. Chandler tips the ball unnecessarily. Sometimes it leads to fast breaks to other way. I'd rather see my 7'1" center secure a rebound and possibly even g up strong like a big man should. Not swatting the ball like Karch Kiraly. Grab the damn ball. Now if you can't and all you can do is get a hand on it, by all means...extend the possession.

As far as his defense,I dont want to hear any excuses. That's what he was brought in here for. Far too many times a see players flying to the rin and him ducking out of the way or just standing there not wanting to get dunked on. Simply put, he was given a bunch of money to be a profound defensive presence and I just don't see the defensive dominance people were ranting and raving about. He's an decent defender but he defense isn't noteworthy IMO. I just don't see why this guy has this stellar defensive reputation.

As for Noah, I disagree that he's only better at Chandler at one thing. First of all, he has a decent jumpshot from about 15 feet. Chandler can't make a shot outside of a wide open layup or dunk. Secondly, Noah is a better shot blocker and help defender than Chandler. They're about even reboudning wise and points wise but Noah might be one of the best centers in the league at running the court (Probably tied with Jordan, McGee and Howard when he's healthy). Noah also is a far better FT shooter. Furthermore, Noah is 3 years younger and gets paid less. I would do that deal in a heartbeat!
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