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Default Re: My Gripe with Tyson Chandler

Shot blocking
This year: Noah- 2.2 bpg Chandler- 0.8 bpg
Career: Noah- 1.4 bpg Chandler- 1.3 bpg

This year: Noah- 4.5 apg Chandler- 0.6 apg
Career: Noah-2.0 apg Chandler- 0.8 apg

This year: Noah-10.6 rpg Chandler-10.0 rpg
Career: Noah- 8.8 rpg Chandler- 9.0 rpg

This year: Noah- 13.6 ppg Chandler- 12.9 ppg
Career: Noah-9.2 ppg Chandler- 8.7 ppg

This year: Noah: 1.4 spg Chandler 0.8 spg
Career: Noah- 0.8 spg Chandler 0.6 spg

Free Throw %
This year: Noah-80% Chandler-69%
Career: Noah-72% Chandler-63%

Field Goal %
This year: Noah-48% Chandler-70%
Career: Noah-51% Chandler-58%

As far as "the stuff that doesn't show up in the stats", aka the Mike Breen Tyson Chandler appreciation award, I think Noah wins that too. The Bulls have been decimated by injuries and Free Agent departures. They lost their best player in Derrick Rose and still maintain a 14-10 record despite being severely challenge in regards to talent. Now I give about 75% of that credit to Tom Thibadeau (who I said I wanted to be coach when he was available). Noah has to get some credit too. He's been playing very well this season. I mean c'mon he's had a 30-20 game this year (with 6 ass, 2 stl and 2 blk). When Melo is out, there's never a point where I feel like "OK, it's cool, Tyson got this."

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