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Default Re: Article: Mike Brown says Kobe Bryant made him a better coach

Originally Posted by DKLaker
No, not to offend but there aren't many fans who really understand the game other than the obvious stuff. A true understanding has to be taught.
Just because a person flies in an airplane on a weekly basis for 30 years doesn't mean they can fly a plane
What we are talking about is a much higher level of basketball knowledge, being able to coach, Brown's understanding of the game at a coaching level is beneath most fans and at this point in his life if he hasn't learned more than that, he won't. Trust me, the things I say are things that good coaches understand....not fans, so I really don't expect you to offense intended.
Mike Brown didn't know how to manage a roster? Duh....he didn't know how to manage a roster with Cleveland....I noticed how horrible a coach he was back then....I seriously used to laugh at him and my NBA guys also laughed at him.....his incompetence was glaring. Kurt Rambis was just as bad in his Lakers stint as head coach.....when guys said they wanted him to be the Lakers coach again I was
So no surprise that he failed again.....he cannot coach!!!

As for influential.........if the players know you don't know WTF you are talking about, how the hell can you influence them in a positive way.......remember the photo of the Lakers practice where the guys were looking at him like WTF? Brown = nice man, no BB IQ........... Here Ya

For the record, I never wanted Kurt Rambis to be coach. Guys like Shaq used to complain that most of his practices were running his players. I wouldn't want a guy like that to be the voice of the team. He's also a great defensive mind. Built a defensive scheme for Phil that fell in line with Phil's offense. That was one of the most spectacular defensive schemes I'd ever seen. But I agree, I wouldn't want him to coach.

As for understanding the game. This is where we will disagree. Basketball can be as simple as knowing what move to make at what time when other players make decisions. It is simply a game of chemistry. How does this person react when this guy moves in that direction. Its about spacing, and having players play where they are comfortable. So I don't see why you think nobody understands the game as much as you do. It's a bit arrogant to make that claim when you know none of us who post on here. I may not know the 80's basketball history and earlier. I guess you can blame my parents for having me 1987. But never question my love, knowledge, and passion for the game. Secondly, never question my love for the lakers as a fan, even if my ideas are completely conflicting with yours. These are things which you do not know of. You have never coached an NBA game, and yet you have harsh criticisms of MB, so let me use this standard to my advantage for a second and say that just because you coached AAU basketball doesn't make you a more "knowledgable" person than any fan who posts on here. Back in the day we had great posters who knew a lot about the game just by understanding basketball how it was played under Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, and other great names who brought intelligent high IQ basketball to Los Angeles.
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