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Default Re: The Walking Dead Video Game

So I didn't get very far. It's a tough game to play with other stuff going on in the room, because you really kind of have to listen and pay attention, otherwise what's the point, and there's not a whole lot of going back.

I'm probably half way through chapter one.

Does it play in multiple outcomes? Like could I have saved Herschal's son if I knew what the hell I was doing, and now I missed part of he story, because that will cause me to go back and play it more for sure. I'm already upset because I missed checking on some things in the house because I started listening to the answering machine early on, and it triggered the baby sitter. I would've preferred to inspected everything. Like I missed the shelves tipped over, even if there were nothing there.

I really dig the presentation. I like the animated graphics a lot. I was genuinely scared when the Sheriff popped up. And I like the handling of the quicktime events. They don't all feel the same at all yet. The stuff with the babysitter for example was really unique. I wish Lee moved a little quicker. But I can already say that I like the control better than I did in Heavy Rain, and that was very much trying to do a lot of the same things, just on a bigger scale.

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