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Default Re: Non-Gasol Trade Ideas

Originally Posted by bladefd
Nope. Absolutely do not need another big off the bench. We need a shooter (PG or SG) that is an upgrade for shooting purposes over one of those guys you mentioned to come off the bench.

Not true. Nash is over 40% from 3 in his career. Meeks is at 39% this year, Kobe is at 38% this year, Duhon is at 43% this year, Morris is at 45% this year, and Metta is at 39% this year. We have enough shooters to space the floor and Meeks, Morris, and Bryant have got us covered as far as defending opposing guards.

I just think we either need a better wing defender at the 3 position coming off the bench(remember Metta is our backup 4 now which I love), and another 6'11" athletic defensive-minded backup center.

We need to call up Chris Douglas Roberts from the Dleague by the way.

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