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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

well, that totally sucked. i don't mind losing to a top team if you at least put in the effort, but getting blown out by the knicks feels like three losses in a single night to me.

i'm also not convinced that lopez can show all the way to the arc and then get back in time. or that d-will or various nets players can stay in front of their man, such that lopez doesn't have to switch on to him, allowing easy alley-oops for a big man of choice (tyson chandler in this case).

i'm never in my life going to root for the knicks, but i have to admit that they're at least a likeable team this year. they're fun to watch and can get things done in a variety of ways. the nets? other than a few, like crash, lopez and a little bit of blatch / evans, it's becoming less and less fun to watch them. iso ball for mediocre scorers, mediocre 3pt shooting, and mediocre / slow defense is not my idea of fun times...
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