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Default Re: Article: Kobe Bryant praises Darius Morris' Defense

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
Just a head's up, but I think DK's gonna have a field day with this post. Years from now, when you two are still arguing on ISH, he's gonna say, "Oh yeah? Well I remember that time you said Darius Morris was" etc. etc.

I mean...did you really say he's one of the best PG defenders you've ever seen?...Really? Call me crazy, but I don't find him comparable to Clyde, DJ, Norm, or Mo. Hell, he's not even as good as present-day reserves like Bradley or Bledsoe.

And his handles are not anywhere close to elite. Compared to your average NBA PG, he's not even good. He's got a TO rate of 14, even though his usage rate is at only 15 (compare that to, say Kyrie Irving, who handles the ball a ton more with a usage rate of 30, and still only turns it over 13 percent of the time). He's not a dynamic playmaker, he picks up his dribble waaaay too easily, and he's not good at dribbling out of traps or protecting the ball.

He's a solid defender and average to below average in everything else. He's got a ton of potential, given his size and speed, but his skills have a long way to go before he becomes a legit rotation player. I truly hope he actualizes most of his talent, but the on-court product we're currently seeing is nothing to get that excited over, IMHO.

FF I swear, I was just missing you on here.....and yeah, I was reading the "Best" comment and getting ready to blow it up!!!!
I wish the kid Morris well but Geez....this is within the same season he said Steve Blake was a great defender
I really don't need to and me....and guys who've been around know better.
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