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Default Re: Article: Kobe Bryant praises Darius Morris' Defense

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
Just a head's up, but I think DK's gonna have a field day with this post. Years from now, when you two are still arguing on ISH, he's gonna say, "Oh yeah? Well I remember that time you said Darius Morris was" etc. etc.

I mean...did you really say he's one of the best PG defenders you've ever seen?...Really? Call me crazy, but I don't find him comparable to Clyde, DJ, Norm, or Mo. Hell, he's not even as good as present-day reserves like Bradley or Bledsoe.

And his handles are not anywhere close to elite. Compared to your average NBA PG, he's not even good. He's got a TO rate of 14, even though his usage rate is at only 15 (compare that to, say Kyrie Irving, who handles the ball a ton more with a usage rate of 30, and still only turns it over 13 percent of the time). He's not a dynamic playmaker, he picks up his dribble waaaay too easily, and he's not good at dribbling out of traps or protecting the ball.

He's a solid defender and average to below average in everything else. He's got a ton of potential, given his size and speed, but his skills have a long way to go before he becomes a legit rotation player. I truly hope he actualizes most of his talent, but the on-court product we're currently seeing is nothing to get that excited over, IMHO.

The reason I posted this, as minor as this topic may be, is because of my extremely high hopes for this kid Morris. He is one of the best defensive point guards I have ever seen. He also has a nice outside shot. He also has dribbles that are as well controlled as any elite level point guard. I hope we invest our future in this guy. He could be our guy after Nash retires. Hopefully more of him to be seen late in games.

These bolded words should explain that thing about reading before responding.
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