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Default Re: Article: Mike D'Antoni experimenting with Lakers' rotation

Originally Posted by Frank Foley
Here's my problem with D'Antoni: he's got a lineup with four (currently three) legit stars, including two of the best offensive centers in the league, and his brilliant idea... is to go small ball.

It's telling that most of the knowledgeable Suns fans I knew weren't even remotely sad when D'Antoni left Phx, and this was at a point when he was considered to be some sort of offensive genius. He's not--he's a mediocre tactician (but great play caller) with a fixed style that's not even unique anymore.

And on that latter point, going small isn't a smart strategy, not when you play in the same league as Miami or OKC. You really think you're gonna outgun and outrun a team with Lebron at the 4? LA should be focusing on what it does BETTER than those teams in order to get an advantage. Hell, even Mike Brown tried to slow it down and pound it inside against OKC last year in the playoffs.

So, yeah, MDA. Keep fiddling with your ADORABLE small-ball lineups when you have a super big, super old, and super slow team. Actually, don't. I love the Lakers.

Thats a good point regarding the bolded part. That'd be tough for any of the other 29 teams id imagine. Whether you have a bigger star forward at that position, or a smaller quicker guy, it'd be tough to match up well with that lineup. I suppose Artest at the 4 could try something on Lebron. The problem is Pau at the 4 wouldnt be much help either.

My issue is that we have a great center (in today's league) that needs to get more of those easy inside opportunities. Im sick of seeing Dwight not get much stats for what he tries every night. Im hoping Nash could solve that problem.
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