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Default Re: Article: Mike Brown says Kobe Bryant made him a better coach

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
DK, look around you. Have you noticed this forum is about 85% you and I going back and forth? Everytime someone else has an opinion, you go on about how they wouldn't know because they haven't coached. I also share the blame on that because most of our posts involve us both getting aggressive with basketball. Re-read what you wrote...its absolutely ridiculous. Its just a forum. Take it easy. No team is going to give you a coaching job for being aggressive in a forum full of complete strangers.

Basketball is fun. So help make the forum fun and take it easy with this "you don't know anything" garbage. I can take it....Im still here aren't I? When you do that with strangers though, there's a a very thin line that you don't just cross, but you cross, you rape your opponent's mother, and then you cross back over the line again. So if you're going to do that coaching thing, pick your opponent that actually can read through that crap so you don't drive people away with that aggressive nonsense.

I made a statement based off your statement that any arena level fan knows the reference to coaching......that is laughable.
I can hold my own in conversations on a huge range of topics but I couldn't TEACH them or function as an when I am around those who know more or are directly connected I listen, ask questions and learn. I do not try to push arguments where I clearly am under-informed......I would have absolutely nothing to gain by doing that. Now sometimes, especially when it comes to coaching, I will have the best insight.......when it comes to anything Michigan/Midwest related I know dd24 knows more than I listen. Many others on here have their strengths or have great insight in different basketball related areas....I enjoy and respect that, quite often I will compliment them for bringing up things that I didn't even consider.
What I really don't respect is someone who has absolutely no idea what they are talking about in an area who will continue a clearly ridiculous misguided argument......this is a time they should listen and hopefully learn.
Seriously....if I argued with you by saying that everyone in Egypt is Jewish....and kept continuing no matter what was would you feel???? It would be completely insane to say such clueless things and a waste of time.....right? Sometimes very intelligent people don't know certain's ok. Having the sense to listen to others, to learn is

Now if you want to know WHY this place is dead.....look at the team's record and how they are playing.......look at the coach we have and the one we fired. I guarantee you that if we were winning and had a good coach this place would be jumping. There's really not much to say about the team right now and not much hope. If we beat a good things perk up........beating Charlotte by 1 after trailing by 18 is not going to cut it
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