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Default Re: nba 2k13 pick and roll problem

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
call for your scree anyway you like and before you used it (this takes some timing and a little bit of practice) tap L1/LB and use the manual cut with the RS/right analog and send the wing player towards the top of the key or spaced out on the wing.

i never use plays and i love the pick and roll in 2k13 because you actually have to read defences, but if you read it right you will score or break the defence down. this started happening to me and i was like "i wish i could make that corner guy lift to the top of the key or drift to the corner when i drive". again, if you learn the timing this is devastating, espcially against those losers who dont play man-to man and only play off the ball, i get them on so many backdoors when they try to trap the ballhandler
Interesting, I'll give it a shot. I wish it was just simple and these guys would just stand there. I liked it in 2k11 where you could just tap one of the keypads and then call for quick pick and roll and everyone would just stand there. I don't get why these players just randomly cut in a pick and roll, sometimes the bigs get in my way too, but the main problem I'm noticing is that the shooters just randomly cut and get in my way.
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