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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by gigantes

FYI, also pasted the text into It's A VC3!!!'s thread on the main page:

A few Nets fans have been saying that I'm being to harsh on Deron because it's "early" in the season, and of his "injuries". First off all, it's not early in the season, by next month we would half already played half of the season. And the thing that really bugs me about D-Will is his excuses. When he blamed Avery for his offensive, defensive, and turnover struggles, I became infuriated with him and lost most of my faith in him. You don't blame the coach for letting every opposing point guard go off on you. You don't blame the coach for averaging 3+ turnovers a game and you certainly in hell don't blame the coach for missing wide open shot after shot, after shot.

And as for the injury; if D-Will is performing like this then I have no idea why he doesn't get surgery to repair everything instead of just sitting here blaming the coaches, and his confidence. I really feel bad for Avery being used as the scapegoat here but this article you linked shows that media and others around the league aren't buying D-Will's "system" excuse. Nor should any of us.

The Nets are about to find themselves out of playoff seeding. This was a team harping about getting a 2nd or 3rd seed at best, and a HCA seed at worst. Things can turn around although ever since Brook went down ( damn you softpez) we haven't been the same and it's saddening.
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