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Default Re: The answer to the rotation when amare and shumpert return

Originally Posted by bluechox2
prigs shud get max 10 mins off the bench, i think hes really effective in those 10 minutes and amare will really give that bench some much needed fire power.

i like our starting 5 and when shump returns, id like to see him replace brewer.

i dont trust felton at all at pg so id rather keep Jkidd at the 2 spot to help stabilize the ball movement

i like to see

felton 28/ Kidd 10 / prigs 10
kidd 15 / JR 18 / shump 15
Shump 15/ bewer 10 / novak 10 / Melo 13
Melo 25 / Amare 15 / Sheed 8
Tyson 30 / Amare 10 / Sheed 8
Brewer can guard forwards, not sure if Shump can do that yet.

I like the minutes allotment though.
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