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Default Re: Source: Jets want Vick

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
I really dont know if he would be a good fit on the Jets or not....

Only drama queens like you still bring up the dog stuff...

I was wrong about the whole team this year. I can admit that. I don't think the blame for this season falls more on Vick than anybody else. Its time for the Eagles to move on from this

But Vick is hardly as bad as you constantly whine he is..

You were wrong from the very beginning. You laughed and doubted it when people said he was playing alot better..

So dont talk to me about who was wrong and who was right

Youve been simply whining since you were initially wrong about whether he could still play or not.

I dont doubt he can still play for somebody, but your opinion means sh*t around here because you have never been objective about it.

I said he is a bad fit for the Jets, not that he is a terrible QB. In this thread, Knickballer said he sucks, and i said he doesn't fit, and you jumped on me. That's your issue, not mine.

And i brought up the dog stuff because the NY media is bringing it up. Have you followed the Jets at all this year? Do you think that dysfunctional mess combined with Vick's past makes sense? I'm not in the NY media, where is this "Niko is bringing it up". The newspapers and radio are bringing it up.

Unless this thread is something i missed other than "vick on the Jets" you'll need to excuse me because i said nothing wrong.
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