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Default Re: Source: Jets want Vick

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
I jumped on you because you are a drama queen when it comes to Vick.. You always have been..

Sorta like you were with Lebron

There is nothing left to talk about when it comes to the dogs Whats left to say? Even in New York?

there is no more legs to that story..'

Like I said, only people who cant get beyond it still bring it up. You are one of those people.

You are the same knucklehead who said Vick shouldnt buy his kid a dog because what the media might say

Actually, You said nothing at all...

whether or not Vick is a good fit for the Jets is your opinion.

Im saying your opinion aint worth sh*t because you are drama queen who focuses on nonsense most of the time

Whatever. You aren't even discussing the topic, you are basically just here to say NIKO IS WRONG. I'm not a Jet fan, good luck to Vick if he chooses to join that circus over a team he'd actually have a chance to thrive in.
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