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Just rewatched the last episode to see how they filmed the bombing scene.

They did show Brody parking his car in lot C. So someone did move his car. However, they also show him going to the ceremony with a determined look in his eye. He looks like a man on a mission. However, he could be steeling himself to act sympathetic at the funeral of the man he killed. He then is very sympathetic to his widow.

When Carrie tells him she has changed her mind and wants to be with him. He gets a weird look on his could be Oh ****, if I knew I she was going to be with me, I wouldn't have planted this bomb. It's right then he mentions, "someone move my car."

So essentially they are giving information to play it both ways. They are also giving themselves room to write it both ways.

However, there must be somebody else besides Brody in on it.

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