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Default Re: Source: Jets want Vick

Originally Posted by niko
Ridiculous. He's going to get skewered by the media here, he is a turnover machine which is the opposite of what the Jets needs, and the Jets line sucks and Vick gets concussions like once a year now. He's basically a much better QB with all the problems Sanchez has. And older. And injury prone.

Vick needs a place with a good line and a good outlet receiver he can just throw it up too rather than run and be killed. And very mild media. Like Arizona.

I don't think the dog stuff also should define Vick (as heinous as i think it is i think it should not be a concern for a team anymore) but it will be brought back up if he comes to the Jets with the coverage they get. If Vick comes here he'll need to be ready to discuss that crap again and he can't be flippant, or say something dumb. Does he want that?

The Jets needs a longterm plan that doesn't involve getting tons of attention or going for the biggest name available.
Arizona has the worst offensive line in the NFL.
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