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Default Re: Source: Jets want Vick

Originally Posted by niko
He's a terrible fit. He's always injured, the Jets have a terrible O-Line, he's not that good with the media, and the media here is already mentioning he killed dogs. ALREADY. Because of rumors that he might be coming. You see this as a positive to the Jets circus or Vick's career?

Note: Who has been more right about what Vick would do this year, me or you?

Agree with most of this, but the Jets o-line isn't that bad. D'Brickashaw Ferguson is a borderline elite LT, and Mangold is an elite center. Slauson, Howard, and Moore are average, but none of them are terrible. Sanchez and the receivers make them look way worse than they actually are. None of the receivers get separation, and Sanchez just stands there like a retard and doesn't move around at all.
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