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Default Re: Source: Jets want Vick

Originally Posted by mlh1981
I wouldn't want anything to do with a soon to be 33 year old QB who relies a lot on his legs. It appears as if the jets aren't learning their lesson. Maybe they should start to think about their longterm future instead of stopgap solutions, but they seem to be in the business of making backpage headlines.

To be fair they tried with Sanchez but ofc that failed miserably. This QB class looks pretty weak compared to years past and after that Sanchez experiment they should go for a veteran guy unless if they go rebuilding mode than draft the best QB available.

I don't think NY is that bad of a squad, they just need major revamping on offense though. Sparano seems like a lame duck OC, their WR's blow/inexperienced and another change of pace RB is needed.

If I was NY I would be looking to get Norv Turner as their next OC or possibly Greg Roman as their next HC? Turner is like Wade Phillips, not a great HC but a good coordinator. Trade/sign for a QB like Alex Smith and grab him a target or two. The WC offense ran by Smith with Roman or Turner would be a good fit.

BUT something tells me that they'll be giving the Sanchize another shot this off-season. They'll probably fire Sparano and/or Ryan(although I think Ryan is safe) and grab an offensive guru at OC to try and repair him.
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