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Default Re: The Walking Dead Video Game

So I did end up finishing this, I just went into episode 5 with no save. The story was very good, but I'm not really going to take this in consideration for "Game of the Year" like so many critics seem to do.

In the end this game is not as much an innovation as it is simply a reinvention of the Japanese Visual Novel style games, cleverly adapted for the western market. The main criticism for me is that for a interactive story like this, the story branching never really seems to come to full fruition. Yes the choices you make impact the story somewhat, but usually the choices are resolved in the same episode. Or they only change a line of dialogue here and there. In the end you really have not changed the fate of any of the main characters, which is a missed opportunity if you ask me. Things should branch out at least a little.

That said the story is definitely much better than the norm in videogames, even for a story-heavy game.
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