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The most starting line up changes in the league is theBucks.
Consistent play ispretty hard when you don't know when your going to get the call.

I hope Skiles is out of Milwaukee by next year.
Obviously he is a great teacher for defense and positioning on the floor , but he has no knowledge of getting his players in a rythem.

Last two games once again he had different starters.

Erasan should start at the 4 , Sanders is at the 5 and I truly believe that they should run a 3 guard set , but the issue is that Monta and jennings could never play the 3 on defense.

I smell a trade and possible with the Lakers to get Pau at the 5.
Then Sanders would headto the 4.

If they make a trade they better not move Harris or Erasian and Sanders.
That is our core
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