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Default Re: The answer to the rotation when amare and shumpert return

Originally Posted by Rameek
Scooter you make great points but because Chandler isnt a shooter or a passer like Gasol then all three players cant be successful on the floor at the same time.

So Chandler is the reason all 3 of these guys cant coexist? Is that what you saying? this is what clutch, franchize are buying into?
actually i thionk he is saying since amare and melo are so redundant in areas we really don't need, that's the reason, but really the problem was amare.

Melo and Tyson play fines together.

Melo and Amare overall haven't had good games together.

Amare and Tyson doesn't really have good games together.

Sounds like the issue is amare, hopefully he'll accept the bench.

what funny is our three only has one player who can pass, whereas Memphis three all can pass.
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