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Default Re: The answer to the rotation when amare and shumpert return

Originally Posted by Rameek
Thanks for clarifying... Because I just cant see why others can co-exist....

I guess passing is an issue what about Amare makes it difficult for him to play with these guys? I want specifics really.....

Mainly because they have to cover for him on defense and they have to cater to him on offense, and he can't facilitate for them.

On offense, if Amare doesn't have the ball to finish he's virtually useless.

At least Tyson will clean up misses, and give the team another possession, and is reliable in the pnr without a demand for it.

Melo is the complete player, he has no blame in this, but I do think Melo's game will take a hit trying to get amare going.

That's not what Memphis and Miami experiences when their players get each other going, those guys can facilitate for each other and can individually hold their ground defensively.

Amare can do no such thing.

Our best hope is that he'll accept that bench role and take some of JR's shots.

It's already gonna be a spotlight on these guys in 4th quarters together.
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