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Default Re: Lowry vs. Calderon

As Q said in the other thread, it's just a case of poor team composition. Having 2 guys who are worthy of starting at one position, it just doesn't work when you ask them to split minutes at that spot. Especially when we are lacking at other positions like the 3 spot. As for Calderon, he's had stretches like this before we know what he's capable of. It's the rest of the league that is in shock about it. The only difference i'm seeing is that he's finally taking control and kind of viewing it as his team. He's always been too passive with that role.

edit: this is from that article link you posted. wow, sums up my thoughts on the matter perfectly.
One can argue that he should adapt, then, to the roster needs at hand, but then you'd be asking the team's best player to sublimate his greatest skills in order to cater to the inability of DeMar DeRozan, Ed Davis and Jonas Valanciunas to create their own offense. Trying to get Lowry to play like Calderon completely negates the point of acquiring Lowry, but the fact is that Calderon's passing is making everyone else more effective by keeping them involved and the ball moving whenever he's out on the court.

That's exactly how I view it. If anyone has watched Lowry prior to coming to Toronto (and I'm one of them), he's not playing ou of character. That's his game. He's an aggressive attack first pass 2nd guy. That's just who he is. He can score, he can pass, he can play D, he has a nose for the ball (rebounds), but he's not a pure point guard. He's kind of a combo guard who plays point guard mainly due to his size. Is that his fault? No. Don't acquire Kyle Lowry and then complain when he doesn't play like Jose Calderon.

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