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Default Re: Post Your Headphones

Originally Posted by ShannonElements
Picked up a pair of these today:

Have tried them a few times, but couldn't really justify the purchase, especially considering I've been pretty happy with my Sennheisers. But since I listen to music all day at work and was getting tired of taking them back and forth with me, I used that as my excuse to pick these up.

They already sound better than my Sennheiser 280s, and they aren't even burnt in yet. Stronger, yet cleaner bass, very clear highs, and the mids don't get lost in the shuffle. They're also more comfortable than my 280s, being lighter, having a better fit, and also having a less annoying cord. Also the Sennys tend to want to slide off of my head at times(especially when I grow my hair out), so far these are staying in place just fine. Looking forward to what they sound like in two weeks or so. Haven't tried them with games or anything yet.

Thinking of getting these headphones, just trying to find a decent price. Getting headphones in Canada kinda sucks.
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