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Default Re: rim jumps increase vertical?

Yes it can, but remember... every human has a limit to their genetical capability (whether it is vertical, muscle size, height, whatever), some of it can be increased but all of it has a limit which is different from person to person, if you are 18 and have played/worked out with an orgainized basketball club a couple of years you will see your "vertical jump limit" right there... its no secret, its no nothing, its just a GIFT that reveals itself immediately & naturally... you can work harder on that area than even Michael Jordan ever did and you may not even get half the vertical he had...

So what i would suggest is, grab a ball/balls instead and work on your handling, footwork etc. and/or shooting... dont waste your time with trying to increase your vertical... use that time to increase your skills instead, there there is NO LIMIT...

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