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Default Re: Lowry vs. Calderon

Ever since Nash and Kidd were in the MVP race in the mid 00's, fans have had this strange obsession with having a "pure PG". I think that term is totally overrated and, to me, meaningless.

The PGs job isn't just to pass and set up teammates. Their job is to create the best overall scoring chance for the team. That can be setting up other teammates or creating for yourself (if the talent around you is lacking). Lowry overall has done that while healthy. A few dumb shots at the end of games are being magnified with the overall body of work being pushed aside. I knew this would happen when I called Lowry a "more durable TJ Ford" (at least I hope he will be) in the offseason after the Raptors got him. Too many casual fans think the assist # is the one and only thing that matters for a PG. That's totally false.

This is a perfect storm of Calderon having his usual efficient offensive performances and the Raptors hitting a soft part in the schedule. Is Calderon doing anything different than what he has done the past 2-3 years? I don't see it. He's always been solid. People are trying to isolate the reason the team is winning when there isn't one reason. Yes, it's not even because Bargnani is sitting. As much as I'd love to dump it all on him.

If you go on the main board, you're already starting to see criticism for Kyrie Iriving not being a "pure PG". That's absolutely insane given how efficient of a player he is.
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