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Default Re: Lowry vs. Calderon

Jose Calderon has not showed me anything different from what we are used to seeing when he his healthy. But when has he been healthy enough to play this way? it's been a couple of seasons since he last played 100%. His production right now comes at a critical point in the Raptors' gameplan as BC's phone is probably ringing off the hook about possible trades

But is he a starting PG?

we went through this same argument with TJ Ford vs. Jose.

to me Jose is a top notch back-up on the wrong team at this point in his career. he would be excellent running the second unit of many NBA contenders, doesnt matter where. he is as gifted a playmaker as you can find at that position and an extremely efficient player to boot. A guy you can really count on not making major mistakes with the ball.

But i've always grown up understanding that first and foremost the PG is the first line of defence. his lack o ANY ability to guard this generation's top PGs is not just glaring, it's laughable. he has no business trying to guard Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Jrue Holiday; and those are just PGs in our own division!

Lowry is young and he is a competitor. He was acquired by a team with absolutely no identity offensively whatsoever. Sure, on defence we wanna play hard; block shots, play tough man D, fight over screens, hedge hard on pick and rolls. it takes a very active and very physical PG to be able to play this type of defensive scheme an Calderon is constantly bailed out by the fouls of Amir/Val/Ed/Davis etc etc. If we are TRULY going to transcend our terrible rep as a bad defensive team, we have to commit to a player who will allow us to get there. Maybe Lowry isn't suited for this team, but to make that claim this early in the season is just ludicrous. For once these players are playing with a PG who is all about attacking and they bitch at not getting the ball, but they are trash anyways so why should he pass it?

moral of the story? i blame Colangelo, it seems to be helping me cope these days
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