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Default Re: The answer to the rotation when amare and shumpert return

Originally Posted by knickscity
Mainly because they have to cover for him on defense and they have to cater to him on offense, and he can't facilitate for them.
When Amar'e was playing center a couple of seasons ago, he was flying around and blocking shots pretty well, other defensive troubles aside. If he goes back to that, he and Chandler could have an opportunity to compliment each other nicely on that end.
On offense, if Amare doesn't have the ball to finish he's virtually useless.
Amar'e's a scorer. He can iso, he can shoot, and he can play very well of the ball. Of course he isn't going to do much if you don't give him the ball. Guess what, that's true of Melo too. The main difference between the two is that Amar'e sets picks. And he's more efficient. The Knicks need a point guard to dole out the touches competently. Luckily, they might have that.

At least Tyson will clean up misses, and give the team another possession, and is reliable in the pnr without a demand for it.

Melo is the complete player, he has no blame in this, but I do think Melo's game will take a hit trying to get amare going.

That's not what Memphis and Miami experiences when their players get each other going, those guys can facilitate for each other and can individually hold their ground defensively.

Amare can do no such thing.

Our best hope is that he'll accept that bench role and take some of JR's shots.

It's already gonna be a spotlight on these guys in 4th quarters together.
It's amazing how Amar'e went from an MVP candidate to "can do no such thing" right when Melo showed up. That was apparently the great Rubicon. And yet he is "the complete player who deserves no blame". It doesn't make any sense. Melo's having a great season, but complete players with flawless games don't lose in the first round every year. And useless power forwards don't make multiple All-Star games and multiple Conference Finals trips.

We all know, or should know, that the problem isn't necessarily either of these two guys on their own, it's how they work together. They both need touches. The Knicks answer so far, in a variety of different ways, is to give the bulk of those touches to Melo, and then bitch when Amar'e doesn't produce. The situation should be reversed. Amar'e's spent the better part of a decade being the more efficient scorer, and more likely to draw fouls. Inside out. Attack down low first, kick it back out if that doesn't work. The Knicks do the opposite, but unless they plan on trading Amar'e, or simply not playing him, some adjustments will have to be made.

But I don't think we need to vilify the guy that's precipitated the starkest turnaround for the better in recent Knicks history.
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