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Default Re: Lowry vs. Calderon

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
But is he a starting PG?

we went through this same argument with TJ Ford vs. Jose.

to me Jose is a top notch back-up on the wrong team at this point in his career.
And this is why nobody respects Raptors fans, the expectations are ridiculous. How is a perennial top 5 (when healthy) assist guy who for his career has damn near averaged 50/40/90 a "top notch back up"

To me, to say he's not a starter would be to say he ranks below most or all of the current starting point guards in this league. There's the superstar class. The Rose, Rondo, D-Will, CP3, Irving, Wall, etc... those guys are undisputably top guys where he's not in their class. But every team doesn't have those guys...

What about Jeff Teague, Darren Collison, Brandon Knight, Jeremy Lin, Mario Chalmers, Jameer Nelson, Aaron Brooks, etc... Are you saying he doesn't belong in the same category with any of those guys?

To me, a superstar is a superstar, period. Regardless of position. and if you have one of them, you're lucky. And it just so happens that we're in a point guard era so a lot of the point guards are STUDS. But then again, even as much as we talk of this golden age for point guards, how many of those stud superstar point guards have been the leading cause for the championship? Mario Chalmers? JJ Barea? Derrick Fisher?

Jose Calderon is most definitely a starting point guard, and on a team with more talent in their starting lineup he would be looking even better than he is now.
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