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Default Re: Brandon Marshall is a Top 2 WR this year

yep Julio is top-10 for sure...over White, even if White has more production this year, Julio is the bigger freak

I think he is top-5 even

Andre has finished the year strong as hell and is top-10 but he isn't the same though still, he can't get off a press the same.

Fitz is hard to rank now because of no QB, but the fact that Roberts has better numbers than him is strange, he is still top-10 but I am thinking he might have dropped from the top teir

I think my top-10 would be

1. Calvin
2. AJ
3. Marshall
4. Julio
5. Fitz
6. Andre
7. Vincent
8. Wayne
9. Dez
10. Demaryius
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