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Default T-Mac Update:0-11 (If Mods Delete, I will whine. If they don't...I'll still whine)

*Disclaimer to mods:

*If any mod deletes this thread, like they deleted the last two T-Mac threads, an official complaint will be sent to Jeff. Screen caps are being taken of the whole thread and will be used as proof that mods deleted it for no reason.

T-Mac's Chinese team, Qingdao, lost again. They now have an 0-11 record.

Three minutes into their last game against Shanxi, T-Mac's team was already trailing by a score of 16-4, and T-Mac was being held scoreless and clearly struggling.

At that point, T-Mac took himself out of the game, told his coach that "his stomach hurt", and would not go back in the game after that.


T-Mac's team, Qingdao, is 0-11 and in last place:

Box score of their last game:

Same old T-Mac. Once a loser, always a loser. Once a quitter, always a quitter.

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