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Default Re: The answer to the rotation when amare and shumpert return

Originally Posted by Rameek
Scooter you make great points but because Chandler isnt a shooter or a passer like Gasol then all three players cant be successful on the floor at the same time.

So Chandler is the reason all 3 of these guys cant coexist? Is that what you saying? this is what clutch, franchize are buying into?
I dont recall saying they cant coexist. Correct me if I forgot my own words but I dont ever remember saying that. In fact, just this week I said I think people are jumping to conclusions assuming Amare would come in and ruin things. I cant speak for Clutch, but I dont buy into the notion that they cant play together. In my opinion, the only worry I have is whether Woodson can get the same effort and mindframe from Amare that he has gotten outta everyone else.
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