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Default Kharpertian: The Nets Pick-and-Roll Defense Has Fallen Apart. (2 large pics)

amidst the slew of links at ND, i had somehow been overlooking these guys.
i don't know when they arrived on the scene, but this was just the kind of stuff
i was hoping for- pics, gifs and video breakdowns on how the nets play. plus
text, of course. always with the text. here's an excerpt:


"The Knicks created so much out of this simple pick-and-roll play, a devastating two-man-that-becomes-five-man game that Brooklyn neither had the ability nor strategy to defend. Joe Johnson noted after the game that it felt akin to "picking your poison;" either you trap Chandler rolling to the rim and give up an open three-pointer, or let Chandler roll and give up the guaranteed deuce.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, below are five thousand words from the above video, in key moments where the Nets made the defensive decision to stop the ball:"

Other than the times when a guard is trailing Chandler, well behind him on his quest to dunk the Nets into oblivion, everyone's watching the man with the ball. The 7-foot, loud, Chandler snuck his way past Brooklyn's defense with ease.


the full article:
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