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Default Re: Kharpertian: The Nets Pick-and-Roll Defense Has Fallen Apart. (2 large pics)

P&R defense is on the coach. For example, on that first picture, why is Gerald Wallace anywhere near Copeland. Yeah he hit a 3 but he's still a scrub. Gerald should be inside the paint. And we should not have hedged out on Felton because he can't shoot. When Chandler goes to set a screen, glue yourself to him and forget about Felton. Felton wants to pass first and shoot second and drive third on a P&R. If Brook or Blatche glues themselves completely to Chandler and forgets about hedging, going under or over the screen, it will be more successful. We're getting killed with guard play this season. Opposing guards are doing whatever they want with us this year. We haven't put enough pressure on Felton. He gets whatever pass he wants. He had the pass to Kidd on that near four point play. A dart pass with no contest.
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