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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
Yeah the door's aren't as bright, but they're definitely lit up in eagle vision.

Haha. Yeah I struggled with the separating the dudes thing too. You have to use both sticks to push them apart little by little. It's pretty annoying. If you still gotta do that I think you have a lot more homestead missions left...
I tried again, and I couldn't do it after ten more minutes. I might hit it again tomorrow, watch a little youtube on it, and then tackle it. I can't believe I'm struggling at this one. Well I was assuming it was the last one because I've done 5-6 others that were already on the map. I enjoy the homestead missions.

The boston brawler sailor guy is killing me too. I rage quit after we ko'd each other at the same time.

The hunting club ones so far are pretty solid. I need one more bear claw on that one. Spent a good 30-40 minutes finding bears.
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