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Default Things are looking up.

Nice little win streak by the raps. Injuries are kinda adding up here. The Val injury hurts the most right now, as we are a bit thin up front. Lowry out has just upped Jose's trade value and Ed has emerged. Much of our concern over our subpar wing play is slowly disappearing. Derozen will be able to play the three in spurts, and fits nicely beside Ross long term . I have no problem bringing Ross off the bench this year and next. He can fill it up and adds a multidimensional game. Defence and smooth shooting. Anderson should be starting for the raps. Fields will eventually work back into the wing rotation. Pietrus can be packaged with either Jose or maybe bargs for something. The raps would be well advised to bring bargs off the bench and make him earn his floor time. If he puts in better effort and plays well he may actually increase his trade value.

Lowry. Calderon. Trade bait. Lucas
Derozen, Ross
Anderson, Derozen fields. Trade pietrus with Jose.
Davis, bargs. Can be traded in the offseason. Kleiza. Probably the amnesty.
Val Amir. Gray with increased floor time until Val and bargs return.

Lowry. 34. Lucas 14
Derozen 26 Ross 22
Anderson 22. Derozen 8. Fields 18
Davis 24 Bargs 24
Val 24. Amir 24. Gray injury minutes

Hopefully we can get a late first rounder from Jose and pietrus in exchange for a trade exception.
A second unit of Lucas, Ross, fields, bargs and Amir should be able to score and defend. Bargs covering backup bigs will make him much less exposed. Who knows, maybe he flourishes as a 6thman. Like Carl Landry from gs.
Starters Lowry, derozen, Anderson Davis, Val will be a very strong defensive unit. Anderson provides the shooting and spacing that fields couldn't bring.
That team will compete. It will be sad to see Jose leave, as he is a true pro, but it seems inevitable. Maybe he wii return after free agency at a cheaper rate.
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