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Default Re: Kharpertian: The Nets Pick-and-Roll Defense Has Fallen Apart. (2 large pics)

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
...on that first picture, why is Gerald Wallace anywhere near Copeland. Yeah he hit a 3 but he's still a scrub. Gerald should be inside the paint. And we should not have hedged out on Felton because he can't shoot. When Chandler goes to set a screen, glue yourself to him and forget about Felton. Felton wants to pass first and shoot second and drive third on a P&R. If Brook or Blatche glues themselves completely to Chandler and forgets about hedging, going under or over the screen, it will be more successful.
i agree about the hedging but see the rest a little differently:

wallace- he was actually in pretty conservative positioning against copeland, especially a guy who absolutely can't miss this season. retreating to the paint simply isn't realistic, so no fault there IMO.

blatche- felton may not like to drive, but even the slowest, most reluctant guard in the league will take the mile-wide lane to the hoop if you let them. completely sealing off chandler would have either given up an easy layup or an easy jumper, depending on where chandler pulled blatche to. maybe blatche could have retreated to the basket a little more to give bogans more time to catch up to felton, but it's almost a no-win scenerio, so i can't fault him too much.

bogans- that useless leap-out he did basically sealed the whole play. maybe he thought he needed to do something aggressive, but even spread-eagling himself and lunging with his arm, notice how he didn't even come close to disrupting felton? meanwhile, his little hero move made it impossible for him to either get back to guarding carmelo or to catch up to felton for an NBA eternity. so he basically made himself useless and put blatche in a 1-vs-2. to me, that was the big fail.

watson- here i'm not too sure... was it right to give up so quickly once melo set the pick? what he did might be SOP, but it also pulled melo's defender potentially all the way to the other side of the floor while leaving the smallest man to guard a SF/PF, and one of the most dangerous scorers in the league. someone please get back to me on that.

i do agree with you on just about everything else, but IMO it was the bogans who killed us by overaggression in example #1.
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