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Default Re: League's Top 5 Scorers Shooting Analysis

Originally Posted by Micku
Y'know what I find simply amazing?

All current stats by the time this is posted from basketball reference:
Wade is shooting 39.6% from 16 ft to 3-pt.

LeBron is shooting 37.9% from 16 ft to 3-pt.

THAT is stunning to me. It does not seem that Wade jumper is that good at all, and LeBron is that bad. Granted, LeBron took more shots, but not that much. And before the Knicks game, Wade's jumper at the 16ft to 3pt must have been around 40%. He has sucked hard from the 10-15 ft though. So, his overall jumper sucks.
Wade 10-15 feet has been mainly his post moves and floaters which were not falling at all last month like they usually do.

His midrange has been on most of the year.....those started falling and he's shooting 57% in December
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