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Default Re: clyde frazier is BRUTAL

Originally Posted by NewYorkNoPicks
Oh so youre one of THOSE fans... The type that cant stand any sort of negativity no matter how REALISTIC that negativity is?

Dont you ever get pissed at the team? If your son does somethin wrong do you still praise him? Do you want reality or a fantasy land?

Sometimes a team sucks and they should be called out on it. End of story deal with it

I don't have any kids, single and ready to mingle, but that's neither here nor there. POINT IS, why does he CONTINUALLY mispronounce the guys name? its not like he did it for one game, he does this EVERY TIME the knicks and bulls play. You would think he would have SOME SORT of professionalism and try to do better at his craft, but I guess thats asking too much
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