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Default Re: Bulking Up for Basketball?

The real question is WHY do you want to bulk up for bball?

What are you hoping to gain, how is it going to affect your game positively and negatively?

How much stronger do you think you can get?

Really, though... work on your mental toughness. I don't even know if it's possible, but mental toughness and love of contact mean more than strength.
I've played against big dudes... got stuck against them on a break or on a mismatch in the post, and they expect you to roll over. In their life just being big as **** mean they can go in for a lay up on a break and people move out of the way. But no, you need to NOT move out of the way. Practice boxing people out... Push them with your lower body, put your forearm into their side... etc.

In bball a lot of strength is about technique. Doing what you can. Sure, if you are gonna fight with people then maybe strength will matter, but if everyone is not on some crazy shit, you can get in there and bang with anyone no matter what size you are.

I imagine you are young; you'll fill out. I lifted for awhile seriously... and I saw some gains, but mostly it was confidence. now that I'm older, I don't need any more confidence. I'll bang with anyone. And most people don't like that. Most people get upset. Even in the NBA and NCAA people are afraid of contact. That's why guys like Reggie Evans who are just bruisers can get work.

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