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Default Re: Things are looking up.

You know, I was watching ask Jack the other day and thinking it would be very interesting if when Lowry and Bargs are healthy both are brought off the bench.

I wonder how we would look with the same starting unit of: Calderon/Derozan/Anderson/Ed Davis/Val

And then coming in with a bench unit of:

That would actually be a great 2nd unit. And the current first unit has already shown and proven they can hold their own.

edit: Just found this on rotoworld
Kyle Lowry (triceps) and Andrea Bargnani (elbow) could return to bench roles when they're healthy enough to play.
Coach Dwane Casey "would not rule out sticking with what is working" when the two players return, and we can't blame him considering the Raptors are finally winning a few games. In this scenario, Jose Calderon would continue to start at point guard, while Ed Davis would continue to start at power forward. This isn't the last we've heard of this, and we'll be keeping a very close eye on this situation to see how it unfolds. "That's way down the road," Casey said.

My only thing is, based on what we've seen so far, I wonder if Casey would be smart enough to know how to integrate all the players into the game at the right times. As great coaches like Popovic have shown, it's not just a matter of who starts the game or who finishes the game. It's about putting the right guys in at the appropriate times and making in-game adjustments based on matchups and performance. I have a big doubt in Casey's ability to do that. I think he's a smart dude, and a good numbers guy but not so good of an in-game mastermind.

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