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Default Re: Week 16 Discussion and Game thread

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
LOL, yeah, so Detroit should just go back out and draft ANOTHER QB @ # 1, first round, etc. "Not sold" on Stafford? Are you kidding me? I guess his 5,000 passing yards last season was just sheer luck. He doesn't really have one of the strongest arms in the league, people's minds are just playing tricks on them.

The only thing about the dude that makes him even remotely questionable is he's injury prone. Outside of that, how can you make a legit argument you're not "sold" on the guy? "Terrible mechanics" ... what? Wow.

Take off the blinders for one second, please. I didn't say Stafford was terrible or that the yardage he's accumulated wasn't impressive. His mechanics are bad, he throws off his back foot constantly, which is something that a quarterback should never do, this is qb 101. He's thrown 1 more touchdown than interceptions this season, which is bad, especially in today's league. He also has only a 60 percent completion percentage, which falls at 20th of a possible 35 quarterbacks. Obviously part of the reason for his tremendous yardage is the fact that he has by far an away the most attempts for any quarterback in the NFL and the fact that he has one of the greatest receivers of all time.

You're acting like he's a finished product and he's had years of sustained success, which he has not. He still makes a lot of bad throws and throws off his back foot too much. He could be more accurate, he could also cut down on his interceptions. He's not an established superstar, despite the amount of yards he's accumulated, which is hardly an accurate way to measure QBs in this day and age.

I'm not saying he's not talented, just that he's far from a finished product and questions remain as to how good he can be. Yards are not a fair indicator of his progression given the enormous amount of attempts he's had.
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