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Originally Posted by jamal getting scared by some of the positive comments about him in the other thread. have any of you seen him play? SAKF obviously relates to him as a gritty, scrappy player...but that doesnt mean hes any good....and hes hidiously ovepaid.

this cat has been in the L since 01 and has ONE good season (03-04), where he was playing next to a leader who wanted the ball on offense in sammy, and respected by defensive-minded teammates spree and KG.
this guy is trash. he has value only as a poor man's Bowen on a contendor who can play 15 a night off the bench.
He's not hideously overpaid. He makes $4.35 million per year. There are players rotting on half the teams' benches that make more than that. Hassell makes meaningful impact.

Also, he's had THREE good seasons, all of them with Minnesota. He just got a lot more attention in that one season because of the team's success, which is normal. When a team is successful, a player gets praised. When the team isn't successful, the player, even when doing the same things, gets called "hideously overpaid," which is not at all accurate.
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