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Default Re: Calling for the next Barry Sanders: Stafford and Megatron desperately seek you.

Originally Posted by Carbine
Why would it devalue it in any way? It's individual records.

I think he was speaking in terms of the records will be meaningless to the franchise if they continue to lose games and not make the playoffs.

Now addressing the OP,

First off, the Lions offensive line is below average. They have one of the worst centers in the league, and don't get much support from the rest of the line. Stafford has gotten hit quite a bit this season, and I think that has really shaken his confidence. If they improve their offensive line in the off season (which I really hope they do), Stafford will put up better numbers (in terms of his td/interception ratio).

Secondly, while I don't think Stafford his playing like a top 10 quarterback this year, I truly believe he played like one last year. With that being said, I see him becoming a top 5-7 quarterback a couple years down the road, so long as he can continue to improve, and mainly focus on not throwing off his back foot.

Thirdly, I absolutely hate the argument that people make saying that the only reason a qb puts up good numbers is because they have a good receiver. Sure, having Calvin is a massive help, but defenses play the Lions like they don't even have a man in the backfield. Calvin has been doubled off the line of scrimmage numerous times this year, and teams have played their safeties 25 yards off the line of scrimmage, completely neutralizing the deep threat. Stafford is aided by Calvin, but to suggest that his numbers are only because of him is a ridiculous claim. Why doesn't Ryan Lindley put up great numbers? He's got Fitzgerald? Why hasn't Schaub had a 41 td, 5000 yard season? etc.

I am beginning to think that the Lions will never have a good running game. Jahvid Best being healthy would solve their running game issue almost completely, but as with the the way the running back position goes in Detroit, he has had too many concussions and may never play football again.
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